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Berkshire Pw880.1212.12, Pw880-Series Wipes Pro-Wipe 880 - 12" X 12"

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PW880.1212.12, PW880-Series Wipes Pro-Wipe 880 - 12" x 12" Berkshire Pro-Wipe® 880 is ideal wipe for cleaning areas in which acids and solvents are a concern

  • Description
  • A wiper engineered for compatibility with acid solvents

    Certified wiper for contact with food per EC Regulation 1935 2004

    Chemically compatible with common cleaning and disinfecting solutions

    Designed for removal of etchants, acids, and other chemical spills

    Excellent for use in capsule cleaning applications

    Features Multiple layers of polypropylene thermally bonded in a quilted construction

    High loft and soft texture

    It is an appropriate wipe for use in laboratories as well as aerospace and defense, microelectronics, food processing, photo and print processing, pharmaceutical, and biomedical device manufacturing environments

    The multilayer construction produces a soft material that won't scratch or abrade even the most sensitive parts