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90-Degree Cruiser With Picture Display Window

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Lower balance bar

  • Description
  • 30 in

    Cruising rail assists children transitioning to walking by allowing them to grasp the rail, pull themselves up to a standing position and balance themselves, then begin to take steps around the perimeter of the cabinet

    Gentle, sweeping design of this rock-solid cabinet adds a creative element to the classroom


    It provides divider system to set up small groups, allowing the caregiver to re-arrange the area

    L x 30 in

    Made from baltic birch plywood

    Made in USA

    Natural maple color

    No assembly required

    Suitable for infant and toddler

    These versatile pieces add storage to the environment and can be used by the caregiver as a bench.

    Three coats of waterborne finish

    W x 18 in

    Warranty Limited lifetime