• Pro Base-Fungo Replacement Net

    Pro Base-Fungo Replacement Net

    Frame not included. 3 mm weather treated, 1.75 in. mesh netting. Fabricated in pillow case style that slip over frames. Warranty One year. 10 ft. W x 10 ft.

  • Backstops with Three Panel Centre

    Backstops with Three Panel Centre

    All galvanized fittings, nuts, bolts. 9 gauge smooth galvanized. Backstop sections are not prefabricated chain link. Three Panel only, one centre and two wing overhangs. Weight 860 lbs.. Upright

  • Double Play Monster Broom

    Double Play Monster Broom

    Also includes aggressive scarifying edge on the flip side. Heavy duty aluminum construction with 2 rows of removable bristles and massive 7 in. head. Foam covered handle for easy gripping

  • 2-Pc Foul Pole - Yellow

    2-Pc Foul Pole - Yellow

    This 15 foot varsity foul pole is the perfect addition to your baseball or sofootball game! Constructed of heavy duty steel piping and a fenced wing, this yellow painted

  • Two Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

    Two Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

    Throws curves, fastballs, sliders, sinkers and knuckleball. Can throw pop-ups as well as grounders. Pitch speed between 30 - 102 mph. Urethane wheels eliminate air pressure problems. Attached wheels for

  • Bolco 175-MLB Major League Base

    Bolco 175-MLB Major League Base

    This 175 mlb bolco major league base features a one piece, extra durable all rubber construction with universal aluminum stanchion. It fits a male or female ground anchor and

  • Portable Baseball Backstop

    Portable Baseball Backstop

    Prefabricated sports panels cut installation costs in half. Panels can be replaced or rescreened individually. 2.375 in. OD pipe frames. Available in 11 guage or 9 guage wire. Replaceable in

  • Grand Slam Batting Cage in

    Grand Slam Batting Cage in

    Includes red heavy vinyl coated nylon skirt. Designed for semi-professional and collegiate use. Constructed of 2 in. heavy wall Aluminum tubing. Easy to fold and collapses to just 5 ft.

  • Sandlot Portable Backstop

    Sandlot Portable Backstop

    Whether its baseball or softball, this winged backstop features a super wide frame constructed of high quality Flo-coated steel tubing for extra strength. It comes with safety backwings that