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Titan Cv47Csv0200, Cv47-Cs Check Valve, Dual Disc Wafer

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Titan, CV47CSV0200, CV47-CS 2" Check Valve, CS, Dual Disc Wafer, Viton Seat Features: Cost efficient design

  • Description
  • Additionally, the spring-loaded discs are designed with very low cracking pressure which reduces the amount of energy required to open the valve

    Also, discs are equipped with cast-in shock bumpers that help to reduce wear and tear on internal components

    Carbon Steel bodies are epoxy painted

    Contour of body provides a short and straight flow path that generates very little turbulence

    Designed for long service life

    Fugitive emission design

    Low weight and short laying length produce savings in initial cost, space requirements, and installation when compared to full-body, swing-type check valves

    Minimal head loss

    Quick closure to reduce water hammer

    Shut-off is achieved via the fully automatic, spring-assisted discs that close near zero flow velocity

    The lightweight, split disc design creates a positive shutoff prior to flow reversal and helps to keep slamming and surges to a minimum

    The retainer-less body design eliminates potential leak paths to the environment so there are no body emissions

    The spring and discs are designed to allow the discs to lift linearly before pivoting to avoid the disc heal from scrubbing the sealing surface