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Camaro Cylinder Heads, Angle Plug, Aluminum, Small Bloc

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  • Far Superior To New Or Used Cast Iron Heads
  • CNC Ported To Flow Much Better Than Stock Heads
  • Outstanding Value At A Very Economical Price
  • Approximately 35 Lbs

  • Description
  • And it gets better, Patriot heads have bronze valve guides which allow for tighter tolerances and longer life plus you get Viton rubber seals, new high lift springs, steel retainers and 3/8 studs and guide plates

    For the money you'll spend rebuilding stock heads you'll be miles ahead by buying Patriot's version of the stock cylinder heads

    Lighter Than Stock Heads li 64cc Combustion Chamber li Maximum Spring Lift 0.575 li Spring Pressure Closed 115 1.800, Open 310 Lbs. 1.225 /b /ul /b /ul When it's time to build a new engine or rebuild the heads, forget rebuilding your stock cast iron heads and buy a set of Patriot Performance Freedom Series reproduction cylinder heads

    So, as you can see, with Patriot heads you'll get more power for street and strip performance at a price that's tough to beat.

    To start with they are aluminum which will save you 35 pounds, next they outflow the stock heads because they are CNC ported plus they are supplied with stainless steel 2.02 intake valves and 1.60 exhaust valves