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3B Scientific 1004088, Normal Human Histology, Portuguese Slide

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Allhistology slides series are standardly coloured with AZAN: a multi-coloured staining with nuclear red for cell nuclei, connective tissue blue, erythrocytes orange and keratinized tissue red

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    Adrenal gland, human, t.s

    Artery, human, t.s

    Blood smear, human, Giemsa stain 17 e

    Bone, compact substance, human, t.s

    Cerebellum, human, t.s

    Cerebrum, cortex, human, t.s.

    Ciliated epithelium, human trachea, t.s

    Columnar epithelium, human gallbladder, t.s

    Connective tissue, human, sec

    Elastic cartilage of epiglottis, human, t.s

    Epididymis, human, t.s

    Heart muscles, human, l.s

    Hyaline cartilage, human, sec

    Includes 1 c

    Internal ear, human foetal, t.s

    Isolated squamous epithelium, human 2 e

    Kidney, human, t.s

    Large intestine, human, t.s

    Larynx of human foetus, t.s

    Liver, human, t.s

    Lung, human, t.s

    Lymph gland, human, t.s

    Mammary gland, human, sec

    Nerve, human, l.s

    Oesophagus, human, t.s

    Olfactory epithelium, human, t.s

    Ovary, human, t.s

    Pancreas, human, t.s

    Pituitary gland, human, t.s

    Placenta, human, t.s

    Red bone marrow, human, t.s

    Retina, human, t.s

    Scalp, human, l.s

    Small intestine, human, t.s

    Smooth muscles, human, l.s

    Spinal cord, human, t.s

    Spleen, human, t.s

    Stomach, pyloric region, human, t.s

    Striated muscles, human, l.s

    Sublingual gland, human, t.s

    Testis, human, t.s

    The microscope slides are delivered on best glasses with fine ground edges of the size 26 x 76 mm 1 x 3

    Thyroid gland, human, t.s

    Tongue, human, t.s

    Touch corpuscles in human skin, t.s

    Umbilical cord, human, t.s

    Ureter, human, t.s

    Urinary bladder, human, t.s

    Uterine tube, human, t.s

    Uterus, human, t.s

    Vein, human, t.s

    White fibrous tissue tendon , human, l.s

    And t.s

    And t.s

    Of hair follicles 14 e