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Cat Pumps 7001, Pressure Regulator C Stnp 5/1000

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Pressure Regulator C STNP B 5/1000 Product features: Conical piston and seat provide a consistently smooth flow that reduces wear and compensates for pressure spikes for extended valve life

  • Description
  • 5-10 by-pass is necessary for optimum performance.

    Adjusting nut allows easy calibrated pressure adjustment

    Lightweight flow-through design for easy installation

    Maintains full pressure while running in idle for quick return to system pressure

    Multiple regulators can be installed in parallel to handle larger volumes

    Standard FPM elastomers for compatibility with many liquids and temperatures up to 240 deg F

    The pressure is held in the line during full by-pass and instantly has full pressure, when all guns and nozzle resume operation

    This Pressure Regulator is designed for single or multiple pump, weep or multi-nozzle systems

    This is a flow-thru design easily plumbed into the discharge line or directly onto the discharge head

    This regulator maintains set system pressure even when only one of several guns or nozzles is performing or a solenoid valve is open, by-passing the unused flow

    Unique high velocity design assures consistent pressure for multiple pump or shut-off gun installations